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This is why everyone loves Great Danes....

One day we were walking our Dane and saw a mother and her little boy walking down the sidewalk towards us. We could see the little boy’s look of amazement as we got closer, he wanted to run and see this gigantic dog who was approaching him, getting bigger as we came nearer. His mother grabbed his hand and pulled him back, she looked a little apprehensive about such a large dog heading right for them. Siggy, our 17 month old Great Dane, who loves kids started pulling in anticipation to play with the approaching child. At about 40 feet away we could see the look of excitement on this boy’s face and the look of horror on the mother’s. The mother, a young lady in her late 20’s pulled the boy, who was about 6 years old, closer to her in a protective posture. Surely this giant dog was going to attack and eat both of them. The boy was squealing with excitement while trying to get away from his mother to meet this larger than he has ever see in his life dog. Siggy was jumping around in excitement to meet her new friend. Now we were about 30 feet from the mother and her son, the mother tried to pick up her son to cross the road to get away from us. The little boy struggled to get away, we could see the frustration on the mother’s face, then it happened, the little boy pulled his hand away from his mother and ran towards us.

The mother yelled, “Ethan, get back here!” Ethan quickly glanced back at his mother then ran faster. Siggy, using her leash for leverage got back on her hind legs rising up to her full 6 feet and let out a playful bark. The little boy threw his hands up in the air and squealed with excitement, the mother’s face was stark white, mouth wide open to shocked to make a sound.

Then Ethan and Siggy met. Ethan stopped, not know what to do next, Siggy got down on the ground to be at the child’s level, both were silent looking at each other eye to eye, nose to nose not know what to do next. By then, the mother had caught up with everyone. She cautiously approached and slowly reached for her son. Then Siggy very gently sat up and laid her head down on Ethan’s small shoulder, Ethan slowly put both of his arms around Siggy’s neck and hugged her tightly. Ethan let out a deep breath and Siggy sighed.

The mother, relieved that her son did not get ate or worse, started to say something, but decided not to, there were no words needed.

We saw the mother and Ethan walking down that same street about three months later, they were not alone they were being led by a very large dog that Siggy and both of us recognized as a fellow Great Dane!

This is why we started These wonderful dogs who touch all of our hearts, need help. We choose one rescue per month for a fund raiser. This fund raiser is open to all Great Dane Rescues or rescues that have Great Danes. The only requirement be a 501(C) non-profit.

Do your part and, “Grab a tee & save a GD!”

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